China’s influence in Cartier’s works of the twentieth Century is reflected very prominent. Chinese culture and art of inspiration fountain, with Cartier’s ingenuity and exquisite craftsmanship, the achievements of many different gestures, a variety of art treasures.
We can see in the Cartier’s works, some direct borrowed ready-made “Chinese stuff”, while others from China’s color, pattern, process inspired by completely independent completion. Animal theme design is Cartier love bracelet replica characteristics, many in China has a unique symbol of the animal, it is vividly appear in the Cartier world.
In 1992, Cartier set up in Shanghai, the first watch counters, and further open the vast continent in China on the magical journey.
In 1996, the Cartier Modern Art Foundation, representing the forefront of modern global art, exhibited the masterpiece Jean-Rierre Paynaud, the “Jintan”, at the National Palace Museum. It was the first time that China experienced the unique charm of fake Cartier ring replica large-scale cultural activities.
From 1997 to 2001, Cartier has been in the Beijing Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai Plaza and Beijing International Trade Mall Mall opened a boutique, a full range of jewelry, watches, accessories boutique into China.
In 2004, the unprecedented “Cartier Art Treasures Exhibition” held in Shanghai, Shanghai Museum and Cartier to collect its 150 years of nearly 300 classic works.
In 2008, imitation cartier love jewelry carefully for their “century friend” brought “Cartier Blessing China (Cartier Celebrates China)” limited edition series of global limited edition.