Diamond’s discovery history after a relatively long process, dig out her value is also a difficult process, which is she can achieve “long-lasting” value. After that, they were made into a diamond ring. So, for the diamond ring 4C is what, so Replica Cartier love bracelet to explain it for everyone.
4C diamond with its highest hardness, crystal clear texture and dazzling features, sought after by the people. It is a symbol of success, elegance, loyalty, eternity and innocence, so people love it. Diamond is currently the world’s largest trade in jewelery trade a gem, since thermal conductivity meter and other portable detection equipment available, identification of diamonds Of the authenticity has become a very simple matter, but how to evaluate the merits of a diamond has become a major problem in the diamond trade. Mainly to see the quality of diamonds (diamond grade) evaluation criteria called 4C, respectively: weight (carat), color (color) clarity (clarity) cut (cut) these four aspects is to look together, a good light , Can not explain this diamond is good enough. The latest national standard GB / T16554-1996 “diamond grading” provides that there are four factors to determine the level of Cartier ring replica diamond, “4C” is the color, clarity, cut and carat weight of the four English terms in the first letter of the C , And 4C is to evaluate the quality of diamonds indispensable one comprehensive element, is also a consumer to judge the value of a diamond standard. There are a variety of diamonds in the jewelry market, there are natural diamonds, but also after irradiation, filling, etc. processing of diamonds; white diamonds (in fact, colorless, white background against white background), yellow diamonds , There are color diamonds such as red, green, blue, orange, etc .; from the shape points, there are standard round diamond, but also heart-shaped, oval, pear-shaped and other shapes of diamonds. In the market, the most common diamond is white (colorless) standard round drill, so in the “4C” standard, diamond color, clarity, carat weight grading refers only to the natural white (colorless) to yellow (Brown, gray) series, carat weight is greater than 0.2 polished imitation cartier bracelet diamonds grading, and cut classification only for standard round cut diamonds or inlaid white (colorless) to light yellow (brown, gray) series, 1 carat ~ 0.1 Carat diamond quality grading. “4C” standard does not apply to color diamonds and irradiated, filled diamond grading.