Napoleon effect is to Cartier pushed further. Mr. Cartier is like throwing a stone into the pond, it is rippling pan, ripples and even arrived in Russia, India and South America. European multinational royal family also issued a letter of appointment to him. Including Cartier love bracelet replica Edward VII, who solemnly sent an invitation to Mr. Cartier to invite him to crown his twenty-seven crowns. Mr. Cartier is naturally dedicated, and later these crowns were crowned as “the jeweler of the emperor, the emperor’s jeweler.”
Napoleon’s young cousin Mathilde princess Cartier love to add, in a variety of public occasions do not hide their fond of Cartier, when it comes to Cartier, a beautiful piece of jewelry works of art, it suddenly became excited. In her appeal, imitation Cartier love bracelet‘s business to natural growth. Crowded, in short supply. Mr. Cartier’s reputation, in 1859, he moved his shop to Paris, the most fashionable area Boulevard des Italiens 9.
Where the rich man’s paradise, where Mr. Cartier outstanding design talent and attract the attention of Queen Eugenie and become his loyal fans, Cartier a new work out, the first time to see the Queen Eugenie, if the case Favorite, do not hesitate to buy it. Eugenie Queen to matchmaking, the Cartier introduced to the then very famous international fashion designer Worth, one of them for the Queen to provide jewelry accessories, one to provide fashionable clothing. The two meet each other, then the two began long-term cooperation, and finally form a Cartier love ring replica pro-family, became a story.