Consider the face of the factors, long face should choose short or double sets of two sets of sets, if the choice of van cleef arpels jewelry replica wear will make the face more elongated, it is necessary to consciously choose the medium length necklace, with the appropriate clothing , To shorten the face. Round face women do not choose the card neck necklace, it will make the face elongated, select the chain with a pendant necklace is appropriate.
According to the characteristics of the neck, the choice of necklaces to wear should be caused by visual errors to make up for the lack of neck, such as: copy van cleef arpels Sweet Alhambra Heart Necklace people want to choose a large surface of the necklace short neck, so that it occupies a certain position in the neck, Can reduce the length of the neck, short neck will have to choose small grain long replica bvlgari necklace and so on.
Note that the color of jewelry and color, age, young people skin color moisture, the choice of ivory, pearl necklace will show harmony, quiet, and the choice of colorful jewelry necklace will appear spirited, extraordinary. Older people choose emerald, turquoise fake van cleef arpels Vintage Alhambra Necklace , will look young, dignified.
Consider the length of the necklace purchased, the length of the necklace generally need to be the thickness of the individual neck, neck thick, necklace specifications will need a long thin. On the contrary is a short one fine. But also according to their own preferences to choose the length of the necklace specifications are mainly forty-five centimeters, forty
Eight centimeters, fifty centimeters three kinds. In addition, there is a kit cheap bvlgari pendant necklace, such as pearl three sets of chains, ivory two sets of chain, it is composed of a number of necklaces, the length between them is inconsistent, like this necklace specifications is very difficult to set.