Gold table is good, but the output is not high, especially the special models or special style, consumers will inevitably experience the process of suffering. To produce only precious metal watches Lange, the number of watches produced each year in less than 5 thousand. Its most representative LANGE 1, the average cost of its parts manufacturing about 7 months to 1 year, the entire manufacturing process requires 365 processes.
When asked whether the “only precious metal” principle is not constraining the production of the watch, Lange Asia Pacific Managing Director Franck Giacobini said: “Lange limited production because the watch is due to lengthy production time, because each watch We are also the only one will repeat the assembly of the watch factory, the process is time-consuming but it is to ensure that the movement in the performance of the assembly and beauty are to reach the perfect. In addition, our production is limited by the shortage of qualified watchmakers (200 watchmakers in 500 employees in the watch factory) and production space.
In line with Mr. Franck Giacobini’s point of view, Nicholas Hofmann, Regional Sales Director for H. Moser & Cie, said: “While the cost of precious metals is increasing, we still have the flexibility to produce more watches and really affect ourselves The biggest challenge of production is the production movement.Moser not like other brands that buy from other homes, but their own production, combination and assembly of the entire movement, because this work is the need for a very quality and experience imitation Cartier love bracelet of the watchmaker to achieve Traditional watch technology standards.H Moser & Cie annual production of about 1200 watches in the long run, we will inject more production equipment, so that production continues to increase.With the high-level watch sales in the Asian market continues to expand, especially Is China, Moser there is a huge space to develop.
Compared with those brands that are only precious metal watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s product range is more diverse, and only in most limited and high-complexity models are selected precious metals. Such as gold material wings series, platinum material enamel painted three asked table, platinum material Master Grande Tradition super traditional master series of complex features such as watches. And this has to let people want to “adopt such a market strategy is also associated with the guarantee of production?” In this regard, Jaeger-LeCoultre Chief Executive Zhang Kai said: “I think only precious metal watches, sometimes also Because the number and quality of the development of the movement also determines the production and whether only expensive price of the watch.As the product family can self-produced movement of the manufacturers, decided that they can have more product selection On the contrary, if the movement capacity is limited, consider the cost and profit related factors, choose to produce precious metal watch is a wise choice, and we only choose a limited amount of precious metal material is to have their own considerations, because since it is Limited style, must be the technology and the quality of scarce products. The choice of materials also have a high demand, the use of precious metals naturally became a common match. Although there is a certain relationship with the output, but more is to and high Complex functions of a match. ”
Indeed, the production of gold watch the reason why the precious expansive, is that it is not universally available. For example, some people in order not to let themselves “drift”, only buy well-known brands of platinum models, with their words, “platinum, are generally limited.” In addition, often see some people Replica Cartier jewelry because of the skin on the stainless steel material allergies, and choose their own to adapt to the precious metal material. In general, people’s pursuit of precious metals, largely depends on the subconscious for the “self-superiority” craving.
Omega special custom 007 series watch
In November, the 007 series of films “Skyfall Sky” will be James Bond’s twenty-thirds of the big screen, and Daniel Craig will once again play the world’s favorite super Intelligence officer. And 007 will once again wear Omega (Omega) hippocampus watch.
Omega brand ambassador Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) is a show of various roles are well received award-winning actor, and he will once again to the legendary character James Bond as another adventure trip. In the highly anticipated episode 23 of the Bond film “Skyfall Sky”, 007 is ready to take advantage of thrilling stunts and excellent equipment, against the evil villain again attack, and at the same time seduce 007 series of film signature role: beautiful state De girl.
OMEGA to celebrate the seventh in the 007 film as the main equipment of the role, launched the hippocampus PlanetOcean 600 meters “SKYFALL” commemorative watches.
Daniel Craig was chosen as the sixth actor to play James Bond in 2005, and then in 007, “Casino Royale” and “007 Quantum of Solace” A corner. In addition to the role of Bond, Daniel Craig also participated in various theater performances, including the Broadway theater and many TV series, such as “Friends of the North” (Our Friends In The North), “Archangel” and “Copenhagen” Copenhagen). In the latest episode of the Bond film, 007’s trust in Mrs. M was tested as her past was unveiled. When MI6 was attacked, Bond had to find and destroy the enemy.
James Bond from the 1995 “Golden Eye” (GoldenEye) began to wear OMEGA watch, and after the four films rely on their own time to spend a lot of action scenes and thrilling plot. In the “007 Airborne Crisis”, Bond will wear a diving watch with a matte black single-ring diving scraper, a stainless steel case with a chain of OMEGA 42 mm hippocampus Planet Ocean.
OMEGA to celebrate the seventh in the 007 film as the main equipment of the role, launched the hippocampus Planet Ocean 600 meters “SKYFALL” commemorative watches. Like all Planet Ocean watches, the new watch has been prepared for underwater adventure. This watch is equipped with single-ring bezel and helium valve, waterproof depth of 60 bar / 600 m / 2000 feet. This watch uses 42mm polished polished stainless steel case and the same material patented screw chain pin system bracelet, the diving clasp engraved with “007” words. Rotary diving bezel with a distinctive matte black ceramic ring with chromium nitride diving scale.
Matte black on the dial on the dial coated with a blue light distributed on the white Super-LumiNova ultra-fluorescent paint, polished three-dimensional oblique rhodium-plated pointer is also the same treatment. The only exception is the minute hand, showing a green light like a dive bezel dot, which allows the diver to easily read the dive time. 007 logo is located at 7 o’clock position, the date window is located at 3 o’clock position.
Hippocampus Planet Ocean 600 meters “SKYFALL” Memorial watch the power source is OMEGA exclusive new 8507 coaxial escapement movement. Automatic disk on the “007: airborne crisis” (SKYFALL 007) words painted black glazed engraved. The movement can be screwed into the mattress chassis sapphire crystal mirror at a glance.