Casio is a Japanese watch brand, the watch features for the fashion, the price close to the people. And technology into the watch, so won the favor of consumers. So how does the Casio radio meter identify the true and false? The following watch home to tell you!
Although the phenomenon of Casio watch fraud is very much, but like radio watches, climbing tables and other high-tech table is no fake. Wave table because of high-tech content of the parts, counterfeiters can not imitate, get the table as long as a simple try all the features, it is easy to identify.
In addition to technology can not reach the outside world, the market demand for the wave table is also far less than other watches. So counterfeiters will not go with a lot of money to counterfeit such a difficult to make false, the market demand is not a big watch!
Many people who play the Citizen watches are aware that the 8200 movement is a famous movement of Citizen. But that only say that only Tuo is gold-plated is true. Can also have friends to buy the watch, 8200 movement is the steel. So this 8200 movement is false? The following watch home to tell you!
Citizen watches automatic dual calendar models, the use of 8200 movement of the most, the output is very large, it is 21 drill, 21600A / H wobble frequency, disc spring spring-type shock absorber, one-way automatic winding, but can be used to pay strings. As early as 30 years ago, this movement, so it is a “grandmother” level of the old movement, while it is also a large number of exports, but automatic do not play CITIZEN logo, and play MIYOTA standard cheap Cartier love bracelet , movement is not gold , Including the Citizen watches all kinds of quartz movement is also the provisions of this.
This movement is also imitation of the domestic, more rough work, generally used in low-grade watches. 30 years ago, Citizen watches can also work, including all the appearance of all the things are Japanese origin. Now the “close to the people” type of watch but not as good as the fine of the early, belong to the “weasel cubs – a nest as a nest,” the natural price is up a lot, feeling Viston watch is now the main direction of the optical energy and radio watches, Some high-profile watches with complex features.
Citizen watches watch the most, has long been, and now the level of fake work also improved, the case, dial, watch and strap to do a good job, so not as before, just from the appearance of the production of fine Judgment of authenticity.
Citizen watches first to give the authenticity of the method to determine the most important is to see the movement of the logo, all watches are equipped with MIYOTA standard, will be considered a false watch. But now false to re-make a CITIZEN logo with the automatic Tuo, and then coated with gold that is also an easy thing, so this move is not so good.
Therefore, the Japanese secret and increase the use of certain signs, to distinguish and identify, that is, in the back of the automatic Tuo scratches, usually a small circle with numbers or letters, see also a graphic, is a rectangular box , Full of XXXX mark.
8200 movement is not the same shape, the earliest is straight face Tuo (Tuo surface with a shock arm to do the slot), and later changed to “mountain” shape Tuo, is to Tuo down along the Tuo axis hole to see Positive, and the Buddha to play MIYOTA letters, are printed on the black paint, carefully to distinguish, including the automatic rotation of the direction of arrows and letters to see the direction of the direction are not standard or the opposite.
Repair computer repair workers, but also points “board” level and “component” level it, it can start from the decomposition of parts, pay attention to observation, the previous 8200 movement, the shock on the shock spring are gold-plated , The basic are not gold-plated; winding is the most important Replica Cartier jewelry parts of the watch movement, the Japanese watch is the characteristics of the winding box made of sealed, is not let you open, and good at automatic parts or winding On the use of a black oil, that is called “molybdenum disulfide”.
Japanese watch is Citizen, Switzerland watches are Tissot, are more chaotic, you hold the watch to the factory or business offices, they can only see the characteristics of the movement is consistent, a little “false really true and false” The embarrassing situation.
China also has a large number of authorized assembly, such as Beijing Jiuxianqiao there Citizen watch assembly factory, the rest of the cottage or underground workshop estimated more, leading to this situation, the fundamental reason is that manufacturers, to prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting means do not act.
FRANCK MULLER Frank Muller is a complex characteristics of the watch brand, each watch are very creative and unique. In the market, the non-complex style FRANCK MULLER Frank Muller watches or the existence of high imitation fake, the following watch home to tell you how to identify high imitation Frank Muller watch it!
How to identify high imitation Frank Muller FRANCK MULLER watch
Franck Muller has always been proud of the precision movement, creating a fine watch. The process of the design of the mechanical device is the same thorny. One of the biggest problems is to place a large tourbillon in a location that is usually left to a large self-ming. Another technical problem is how to put the big sounding and its four hammers in the Franck Muller patented arched case. Another problem is how to identify the century leap year. This problem is overcome, using the most advanced watch manufacturing process.
Such as AETERNITAS MEGA movement with Franck Muller patent arched case of curvature, by the 6 o’clock position of the micro automatic plate two-way automatic winding, from the transparent table at a glance. Movement of the most eye-catching, to the number of up to 14 mm, volley flying big tourbillon. The gray balance wheel is equipped with calibration screws, Breguet Tours and Franck Muller designed efficient escapement system, without the governor. Movement of the movement by the two winding: a winding for the movement, to ensure that the three-day power reserve; another winding for the timekeeping device. The two winding on the dial, respectively, there are power reserve display.
Frank Muller dial can accurately show the moon phase profit and loss, the error rate is only the monthly phase of the cycle of 6.8 seconds, that is, every 1,000 years have 1 day error, and the traditional monthly disc every 4 years there are 1 Days of error.
Although the dial on the Art Deco-type Arabic numerals a rearrangement order, the reading time is completely difficult; minute hand in turn clockwise rotation, showing minutes of time; and the key is to show the hour of flyback time (Jumping Hour) above , As long as the clock pointed to the Arabic numerals, you can immediately know the hour time; use the dial on the number of mysterious arrangement.